Canonical Brazilian literature texts in Portuguese language classes

Submitted by: Antoneli Matos Belli Sinder
Abstract: This article examines the didactic treatment and practice of canonical Brazilian literature texts in Portuguese language classes. The study investigates the importance of this matter in a contemporary curriculum, and its relevance and possible implications for Brazilian students in the senior years of Elementary School and the juniors in High School in a learner-centered approach (Willis & Willis 1996; Larsen-Freeman 1986; David Nunan, 1990). This is a point of crucial challenges and specific issues that involve cultural models and heritage, diversity in identities and backgrounds, aesthetic preferences, and students as more active agents on their own language learning (Graves, 1996; McDevitt, 2004; Breen & Littlejohn, 2000). Taking these aspects into consideration, this article aims to provide an overview of the relationship between the use of literary canon texts (as authentic material) and language learning, based on the premise that these texts could play a unique and vital role in teaching (McGrath, 2013).