Reflecting on the future identity of L1 - Educational Studies in Language and Literature

Submitted by: Nikolaj Elf
Abstract: This round table invites ARLE delegates to learn about core activities of the ARLE affiliated journal L1 - Educational Studies in Language and Literature's editorial work. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the future development of the journal with L1 editors. So, the round table is organized by editors of the journal and comprises short presentations for reflection and discussion.

One presentation focuses on general activities of the journal, including L1 editors' regular meetings and discussions on important themes for developing the journal, such as quality criteria for reviews, publication rates, special issues etc.

Another presentation focuses on 'identity issues' of the journal, presenting an alternative to the present journal website's text on Aims and scope (cf. We argue that the journal's Aims and scope should be aligned with ARLE's general domain and mission statement, which was revised a few years ago (cf.

Finally, a third short presentation suggests a revision of the design and layout of the website. As all L1 scholars know, redesigns hold important implications for how the journal communicates and positions itself. One potential reason for redesigning, is technological developments: The website should be easy to read on any kind of device, which is currently not the case. Another issue we would like to discuss, is how much emphasis the journal subtitle 'Educational Studies in Language and Literature' should have visually on the website, considering that many L1 studies focus on other aspects, such as technology and modalities other than language.

Generally, L1 encourages all ARLE members to engage in the journal. This round table is a good occasion to do so.